How To File A Complaint Against An Assisted Living Facility in California

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Without a doubt, California is one of the very best states to research Long-Term Care options in, including Assisted Living Facilities.

The State of California offers outstanding online data, guides and help for researching facilities, rules and regulations, as well as clear instructions on how to file a complaint against a Licensee/Facility.   

How To File a Complaint

Firstly, the State of California provides an outstanding way to look up facilities statewide, in a non-commercial, ad-free environment.  You’ll need to visit this page to research facilities.  The research page looks like this:

Facilities in California


California’s Safest Facilities

Safe Facilities


On this page, in the sidebar, you’ll see a section that clearly says “How Do I File A Complaint Against a Licensee / Facility?”

Complaints in California

To file a complaint you can:

  1. Contact the Centralized Complaint and Information Bureau at 1-844-538-8766
  2. Email
  3. Visit the webapage

This site clearly says you can remain anonymous, which is important for those residents or families who fear retaliation, further abuse or neglect, or eviction from filing their complaint.

The CCLD Complaint Hotline page looks like this:

Complaint Hotline

Learn more about California Assisted Living.

California Residents:


2 thoughts on “How To File A Complaint Against An Assisted Living Facility in California

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  2. Annie

    I would like to file a complaint against a assisted living facility (I had a interview with gentleman at this facility who put ad in Craigslist hiring only for 2 days (Saturday/Sunday $14.00 an hour daytime hours ) and everything went well and hired to work 11/20. But I was currently working for another company I have to put my 2 week notice, instead leaving my current job I had 2 and half years with. (Work graveyard hours )I remained bc I was promoted. The assist facility calls to confirm if I was still interested and the person(employer) that interviewed me started harrassing me with negative texts etc. All bc I responded (I decided to stay with my company and was no longer interested was my reasons .) The employer was nasty and ugly using bad langauage in a unprofessional way. So it was unnecessary to be that way. So that’s why I need to file my complaint.

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