How To File A Complaint Against A Health Care Facility in Wisconsin

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Some of our most visited articles on SeniorLiving FAQ are those concerning how to file a complaint against a healthcare facility, such as Assisted Living.   Many residents and families don’t know where to turn if their facility is negligent, and not able to handle issues of health, safety or privacy on their own.

Adding to the confusion – each state has different ways of filing a complaint, and there really is no national ‘one-stop’ place to go to make it easy.

Fortunately, for Wisconsin residents, filing a complaint is relatively easy and straightforward.

How To File A Complaint in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is a robust, information-rich place to find information relevant to all aspects of Long-Term-Care, and Assisted Living in Wisconsin.  Here, you can:

  1. Learn about Assisted Living and how the State of Wisconsin defines Assisted Living Care.
  2. Locate A Facility or Provider Statewide
  3. File a Complaint

To file a complaint, visit the ‘Complaints or Problems With Your Healthcare‘ page on the DHS site. At this time the page looks like this:

Wisconsin’s Safest Facilities:

Safe Facilities

As you can see, there are four sections to choose from. 

To file a complaint, you will most likely be concerned with one of the first two choices.

Complaints about health and residential care

At this time, this page on the DHS site looks like this:


An important note – complaints can be made anonymously according to the DHS.   It specifically states that “The identity of the person filing the complaint is not disclosed to the provider…”

There are a few different ways you can submit your complaint.

First, you can complete a form that can be used to file a complaint about care received at:

  • Nursing home
  • Licensed Assisted living facility (adult day care, adult family home, community-based residential facility, or residential care apartment complex)
  • Hospital, home health, hospice
  • Other facility or program regulated by DQA

At this time the form will look something like this:

Complaint Form

Alternatively, you may call 800-642-6552 to submit a complaint.  

Lastly, you can try to contact one of the regional offices that oversees the facility in the area you are located. 

Additional Information and Resources

Another place to turn for information and support is the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association.  The WALA site has a wealth of information including a Provider Search Tool help you locate a facility.

Wisconsin Residents:



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