Vermont Assisted Living

By David Besnette

Vermont is one of those handful of states that provides easy access to State-sponsored data and records on all of it’s licensed assisted living facilities and residential care communities.

This allows YOU – the consumer, to bypass the typical commercial Senior Living site – chock full of ads and questionable information and motives – to instead go straight to the source to access accurate information, through safe and trustworthy sources.

In this research guide you will learn how to get a COMPLETE, non-commercial, Statewide list of Assisted Living & Senior Living Facilities Provided by the State of Vermont.

We will show you how to:

  • Access a complete PDF list of ALL Assisted Living Residences Statewide
  • Quickly view DIRECT contact information for each facility
  • View other State Senior Living Directories including: Nursing Homes; Residential Care; Hospice; Home Health; Hospitals and Rural Health
  • How To View Facility Investigations, Surveys and Complaints Reports
  • How To File a Complaint

How To Get A COMPLETE List of ALL Assisted Living Facilities in Vermont [Video]:

Vermonts’s Safest Facilities:

Safe Facilities

This is so simple, but highly useful.   To access a complete list of Vermont’s Assisted Living Residences, you’ll need to go to the the State’s Department of Licensing & Protection, and then to their Assisted Living Directory page. 

The page looks like this:

Vermont Assisted Living

You’ll notice that this is about as easy as it gets.   The File: ALR.PDF will take you to a printable, downloadable list of the State’s Assisted Living Residences.  

The list is, at this time, only 3 pages long – which reflects the small size (relatively) of the State of Vermont.  The list will look like this:

ALF Example Page for Vermont

Data for each facility includes:

  • The Facility Name
  • Address, and DIRECT Phone number
  • Facility ID
  • Number of Units, or Capacity
  • Designation, i.e. “Special Memory Care Unit” or “Dementia Special Care Unit”
  • Maximum Occupancy
  • Manager’s name (often accompanied by a direct email address)

Other Directories Available Through the DLP website for the State of Vermont:

The DLP offers Senior Living Facility Lists for a number of other categories of care.   You can access each list right here:

View Senior Living Facility Inspections, Surveys & Complaints

Again, very simply, The State of Vermont and the DLP offers a place where the general public can gain access to Assisted Living Survey Statements (another word for “Inspections” or “Investigations.”  

As with the lists above, you can also view Inspections & Survey reports for other Facility Types including Nursing Homes, Residential Care Homes, Hospice and more.

The Survey Statements Main Page looks like this:


For this example, I’ll choose “Assisted Living Residence” which will take me to a page listing (by date) all Surveys and Inspections that have occurred.  This list goes back many years.  

Assisted Living Surveys

Choosing a facility survey, you’ll be taken to a page with PDF Reports of each survey or inspection.  You can download or print them easily. 

An example of what a survey report may look like:

Survey example

Survey 2

Survey 3


How To File A Complaint Against A Senior Living Facility

Vermont makes it very simple for anyone to report issues at a Senior Care facility.  Issues may include:

  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Resident Rights
  • Health & Safety
  • Operational Issues

To name a few.

The numbers are as follows:

Adult Protective Services Reporting Line
(800) 564-1612

Healthcare Organization Complaint Reporting Line
(888) 700-5330

Additional Sources of Data, Support & Information

I recommend that you visit the Vermont Health Care Association website if you want to learn more about Assisted Living in Vermont.

They host a Care Provider Search page where you can search for Assisted Living & Nursing Homes statewide.

Facility Videos & Video Tours in Vermont

We encourage any facility with a video tour to send it to us!  We’ll include it on this page.  At this time, the only video tour we found in Vermont is located in St. Albans:

Vermont Residents:





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