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By David Besnette

In this research guide you will learn how to get a COMPLETE, non-commercial, Statewide list of Assisted Living & Senior Living Facilities Provided by the State of Utah.

The bad news is that Utah, in comparison to most other states, is woefully behind when it comes to providing data on Assisted Living & Long-Term Care facilities through State resources.  Most states offer (usually through Department of Health, or Department of Aging sites) comprehensive information and reports about Senior Living Facilities.  

Utah has some catch-up work to do.  

The good news is that you still have access to a great deal of useful information that is far better and more trustworthy than the typical commercial senior care site out there.    

Learn About This Excellent Interactive Assisted Living Facility Map for Utah [Video]

Utah’s Safest Facilities:

Safe Facilities

You will have access to:

  1. A list of the types of Facilities, or Levels of Care offered in Utah, and the Services that are provided by each
  2. An interactive map of Utah showing where you can visually locate Senior Living Facilities, and filter by County, City, and the type of care you need (i.e. Assisted Living,  Nursing Home, Hospice, etc.)
  3. Access to an Excel list of all facilities.  This is an excellent way to sort, take notes, and refine as you research Assisted Living options in Utah.
  4. A full List of EVERY licensed facility statewide.  This list includes:  Facility Name; Address; Certified Beds; Medicare Beds; Medicaid Beds; Dually Certified Beds; ICFID Beds; Administrator’s Name; Direct Telephone Number; Direct Email; Parent Company; Entity Type (Corporation or Government).

Levels of Care, and Services Provided

The first item you may want to access is a list of the different levels of care provided in Utah, and what services each ones provide.   It’s important to note that each state offers different models or types of care, with different definitions and services provided.  

To learn about Levels of Care, you’ll need to visit the following PDF document:


You can easily print, or save this sheet or download it here.


Levels of Care Utah

Levels of Care 2

Levels of Care 3

Find Assisted Living in Utah – Interactive Map

This is perhaps one of the most useful items offered by the State’s Department of Health.   The map will look something like this:

Interactive Facility Map

With this Interactive Facility Map, you will be able to:

  • Filter by City or County
  • Filter by Facility type, such as Assisted Living Type 1, or Assisted Living Type 2.
  • Download Selected Facilities
  • Toggle the Map overlay by Terrain, Hybrid, or Lite


This map is not mobile friendly, unfortunately.  The State of Utah has some work to do to modernize their websites.  However, on a Desktop computer, this map is incredibly useful.

For this example, I entered Provo, and then chose Assisted Living Type 1, and the map then zoomed in to the Provo area, showing my handful of facility options and their locations.   The map then looked like this:

Provo Facilities Example

Hovering your cursor over a facility will provide a snapshot with facility details:

Facility Snapshot

Selecting the “Process Download” option will produce a CSV (comma separated values) list of your facilities.  CSV is basically a fancy way of saying a text-output.

Facility Output

Get a Full List of Senior Living Facilities in Utah – Statewide

For this one, I am going to refer you to the main page of the Department of Health’s Health Facility Licensing and Resident Assessment Page.

The reason is that the Full Facility Lists that are provided here are updated frequently (thankfully) and so the corresponding URL or Web address also changes.

It’s great that the facility lists are updated on a regular basis – something that is not done on most other typical senior care sites.

The HFLCRA site looks like this:

Health Facility Licensing

You’ll notice that in the third section – the Facility Listing section – you’ll see at the bottom a “List of All Facilities” and the updated date.  

Update Date

From there, selecting that final option, you’ll be greeted to a large, and rather clunky list (but very informative) of Health Care Facilities and Senior Care Options throughout the State of Utah.  

The list (too big to show here) will look something like this:

Facility List Utah

Again this is where the State of Utah could put some time and resources into Readability and Ease of Use.

 Access the 2018 Facility List Here.

You’ll notice that the list includes Medicaid and Medicare beds, which is something often asked about by families or potential residents, and again, this information is almost never included on Commercial sites.

How To Find Video Tours of Utah Assisted Living Facilities

Here’s a bonus little trick you can use to find Video Tours of Assisted Living Facilities in Utah.

Just go to Youtube, and search for Utah Assisted Living.

Or, just go to this link:


You’ll then be greeted by numerous video tours for Assisted Living Communities in Utah.  This is a great way to get a solid visual feel of a Senior Living Facility. 

I’ve included a few here.




Additional Tools & Resources:

Utah Assisted Living Association

Utah Residents:





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