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By David Besnette

In this research guide you will learn how to get a COMPLETE, non-commercial, Statewide list of Assisted Living & Senior Living Facilities Provided by the State of Texas.

Here is a sample of the type of STATE-Sponsored facility information you’ll have access too (notice that inspections, complaints, and a direct phone number are included).

Texas Sample Facility Data

Really and truly, if you need to find or research assisted living in Texas, you have some OUTSTANDING tools and databases at your disposal, provided through State of Texas resources.

You don’t need to go anywhere else online to find assisted living if you utilize the resources outlined below.   This is very good news, as you won’t need to try to weed through the many other sites out there with “less than honest” motives and misleading information.

You know the type of sites…

Did you know? SeniorLiving FAQ’s objective has always been to highlight the best research sites, and databases.   Learn more in our Research Guides section!

Texas’s Safest Facilities:

Safe Facilities

In This Page for Assisted Living in Texas, You’ll Learn:

  • How To Find Assisted Living, Memory / Alzheimer’s Care – Anywhere in Texas
  • Learn how to view facility deficiencies, inspections, violations and plans of action/correction

Find Assisted Living in Texas

The site I am sharing with you here has been recently updated, and allows you to find the following types of Long Term Care facilities in every city, town, county and area of Texas.  Basically, if the facility exists, it should be in this database!

You can find:

  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Intermediate care facilities for people with IDD
  • Daytime programs for adults
  • Home health, hospice and personal assistance services
  • Community-based Medicaid waiver programs

The Long Term Care Provider Search Database, at this time has been freshly updated and looks like this:

LTC Texas

You’ll notice on the right-hand side, there is a very simple search box that you can use to begin your research. 

You can begin to enter the name of a city or county, and it should auto-populate suggestions for you, or you can just continue and finish typing the area you wish to research care in.

I chose a city, and “All Assisted Living Facilities” from the drop-down, and a huge list of options came up.

Facility Options Texas

This is a quick, scrollable list of facilities, and it also gives you the “Type” of facility that it is next to the name.

  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Type C

A general description of each facility type is outlined here:

Facility Types

You can also view them by selecting the ‘Assisted Living Facilities”  section on the main page, and clicking the plus-sign to expand the box with the facility descriptions.

Assisted Living Facility Details

Back at our list of facilities, if you see one that you want to learn more about, simply click on it from the list of results and you’l be taken to a facility-specific page about that community.

Facility Details

Some of the extremely helpful items included here are:

  1. You learn when the information was updated, which is extremely valuable and useful.  Many senior care sites don’t update their information often, or at all.
  2. You can get the ACTUAL phone number to the facility.  This is important, and you’ll understand why I say that if you have spend any amount of time researching facilities on most other sites.  They almost always DON’T provide a way to contact the facility without going through a 3rd party company or agency.
  3. Bed Count.   This is often overlooked initially, as the size of the facility can be a crucial consideration for residents.  Some residents enjoy a large facility with more of a ‘hotel’ feel, and robust activity calendars, multiple dining rooms and separate apartments or living quarters.   Other people may prefer a more ‘homey’ feel that you might find in a smaller residential-home-type setting.
  4. Ownership Information.  You’ll learn who owns and operates the facility, and whether it is part of a chain.  Additionally you will be able to deduce whether the facility is for, or not-for-profit.

Learn Assisted Living Facility Inspections for Texas

Easily enough, the next tab over provides detailed inspections data and reports for the chosen facility.   Amazingly, this is all free to the public, so if you come across a ‘site or service’ that charges a fee for this information, they are certainly doing you a disservice.

Here is what an inspections page might look like:


Notice that these are brief descriptions of any violations or Life-Safety/Code/Health issues that the facility has had.

Facility Complaints

The next tab over outlines facility complaints that have occurred, and also gives you a grid showing how the facility fared against the State’s average.


Facility History

The last tab is for the facility’s history. 

Facility History

This section outlines any important historical events that have occurred with the facility.  Often times, you’ll see if there has been a ‘Change in Ownership” which can be useful information.

If a facility has had a stellar track-record over the years, and suddenly, new owners come in, that track record might be at stake.  It would be a good idea to question the new owners as to their plan to uphold the facility’s high standards, or improve upon the facility’s low inspections scores, if that has been the case.

Another Great Database for Finding Assisted Living and other Long-Term Care Options in Texas

The State’s Department of Health and Human Services provides another great way to research all types of care in Texas.   This is the Texas 2-1-1 Database, and it is very easy to use

As of this writing the site looks like this:

Texas 2-1-1

Very simply, enter your search term, and zip code.   Again, once you start typing something in, the search box should auto-populate with search suggestions, such as ‘assisted living’ or Alzheimer’s Care, or even Nursing Home.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Lastly, it’s worth pointing out that if you are stuck in your research, or if you are a current resident having issues with your facility that are not being resolved, you can go to the Texas Long-Term Care Ombudsman.

This is a 3rd party advocate, whose objective is to advocate for Quality of Life and Care for anyone living in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility in Texas.

This short video explains what a LTC Ombudsman does and how one might be able to assist you.


Call 1-800-252-2412 to speak with an LTC Ombudsman in your area.

Texas Residents:


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