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By David Besnette

In this research guide you will learn how to get a COMPLETE, non-commercial, Statewide list of Assisted Living & Senior Living Facilities Provided by the State of South Carolina.

We Cover:

  1. Two State-Sponsored ways to access a list of ALL Licensed Assisted Living / CRCF Facilities Statewide
  2. Learn how to identify Medicaid Assisted Living Facilities in South Carolina
  3. How to identify Alzheimer’s Facilities in South Carolina
  4. How to access and view the State’s Assisted Living Regulations
  5. How To File A Complaint

Trusted State Data

I’ll get right to the point and say that South Carolina is not one of the easiest states to research assisted living in.   There are a few reasons for this.  

First, the State of Carolina is one of those handful of states that does not officially recognize the term ‘Assisted Living’ – which is unfortunate, since that is likely the term that most people will use to research care.    

In South Carolina, the term for “Assisted Living” is officially “Community Residential Care Facility (CRCF).”  

However, for the purposes of this post, and for simplicity, we’ll use ‘Assisted Living.’   Here is how the State of South Carolina officially defines a Community Residential Care Facility (Assisted Living):

Community Residential Care Facility (CRCF). A facility which offers room and board and which, unlike a boarding house, provides/coordinates a degree of personal care for a period of time in excess of 24 consecutive hours for two or more persons, 18 years old or older, not related to the licensee within the third degree of consanguinity. It is designed to accommodate residents’ changing needs and preferences, maximize residents’ dignity, autonomy, privacy, independence, and safety, and encourage family and community involvement. Included in this definition is any facility (other than a hospital), which offers or represents to the public that it offers a beneficial or protected environment specifically for individuals who have mental illness or disabilities. These facilities may be referred to as “assisted living” provided they meet the above definition of community residential care facility.”

At this time, there are 495 Licensed CRCF (Assisted Living) communities in South Carolina, with 20,608 beds.  

South Carolina’s Safest Facilities:

Safe Facilities

Beds Available

How To Find CRCF / Assisted Living Facilities in South Carolina

There is one great way you can use to get a full list of ALL Licensed Assisted Living Facilities in South Carolina.  This method bypasses the typical for-profit site you’ll come across doing a standard search.  This list is provided through the State of South Carolina’s Department of Health & Environmental Control.

  1. Visit the DHEC’s “Licensed Facilities by Type” page where you will see a list of the various different types of Licensed Healthcare Facilities and Senior Living Communities in South Carolina.  You’ll see Nursing Homes and Community Residential Care Facilities in the list.
  2. Choose your Facility Type. For our example here, we’ll choose Community Residential Care Facilities.
  3. You’ll then get a full list of all current licensed CRCF Facilities in South Carolina.  This list can be easily saved or printed.

Get the list here.

The main page listing the types of facilities looks like this:

Facility Types

The Facility List (.pdf) will look like this, and at this time is over 100 pages long.

Facility List

Information included is basic, yet useful – and includes items not found on most other Senior Living sites.  Data for each facility includes:

  • Facility Address
  • Facility License Number
  • Facility Administrator’s Name and Phone Number
  • Facility Email and Phone Number
  • Whether Alzheimer’s Care is Provided
  • Number of Alzheimer’s Units
  • Maximum Alzheimer’s Residents Allowed
  • Total Number of Licensed Beds
  • Number of Resident Rooms
Facility Example

This facility data is likely enough for you to decide whether it is a viable option for you or your loved one.

Alternate Method for Finding Assisted Living in South Carolina

Another very useful database for Senior Care in South Carolina is through the GetCareSC site.  This site offers a database of facilities that includes:

  • Nursing Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Continuum of Care
  • Secure Alzheimer’s Care
  • Complex Care Unit

Additionally, you’ll be able to filter your results by:

  • Private Pay Beds
  • Medicaid Available Beds
  • Medicare Rehab Available Beds
  • Total Beds
  • OSS Bed Availability
  • OSS/OSCAP Type
  • Accepts CLTC Waiver

The Locator Tool looks like this:

GetCareSC Facility Locator


Your output list will look something like this:


Output List

Selecting a facility brings up another round of useful, ad-free data. 

Facility Data

This is a great supplement to the DHEC site, in that additional data and information is provided including:

  • Languages Spoken
  • Counties Served
  • Facility Website/URL
  • Whether an interpreter is available for callers

Assisted Living Regulations in South Carolina

Simply put, you can access South Carolina’s Assisted Living Regulations here.  This is a long, .pdf document containing the Licensing Standards and Regulations for the State’s Community Residential Care Facilities / Assisted Living Facilities.

The document is 60+pages long and looks like this:


This is a meaty manual, covering quite a lot.  However, it is a smart move to be familiar with what it covers.   This goes for both families, and residents (if they are cognitively able to).  Knowing the rules, regulations and standards for Assisted Living can help you to know when those standards fall short, and what to do about it if an incident, or abuse happens.  This also goes for any issues with Resident Rights.   

Often times, abuse and neglect in Senior Living homes goes unchecked or unchallenged simply due to lack of awareness of standards and rules.   Additionally, submitting a complaint often times confusing or scary to the resident, for fear of retaliation or future consequences.

According to the Rules and Regulations regarding filing complaints:

“The facility shall develop a grievance/complaint procedure to be exercised on behalf of the residents to enforce the Resident’s Bill of Rights which includes the address and phone number of the Department, and a provision prohibiting retaliation should the grievance right be exercised.”

To file A Complaint Against a HealthCare / Assisted Living Facility in South Carolina

You have a few options to do so.  Complaints may be submitted anonymously, however, there will be no way to update you as to the progress or findings of the complaint.   Anonymous complaint reporting can be useful though, in cases where the resident fears retaliation or consequences.

To file a complaint:

  1. Mail complaints to DHEC, Bureau of Health Facilities Licensing , 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, SC, 29201 or fax complaint to (803) 545-4212.
  2. (803) 545-4370 and let the operator know that you wish to file a complaint.
  3. Online Complaint Form
Additional Information on South Carolina Assisted Living

South Carolina Assisted Living Association

South Carolina Residents:



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