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In this research guide you will learn how to get a COMPLETE, non-commercial, Statewide list of Assisted Living & Senior Care Facilities Provided by the State of Nebraska.

We’ll show you how to:

  1. Get a list of all facilities in your desired area/city of Nebraska
  2. View Inspections, Complaints & Survey Reports for each facility
  3. Get an in-depth consumer guide to Assisted Living, provided by the State of Nebrska

You are fortunate if you are researching Assisted Living, or any other type of Senior Care option in the State of Nebraska.   As you will see, the State of Nebraska provides excellent resources in a safe, non-commercial platform, for seniors, families or loved ones to research care options and specific facilities statewide.

Find Assisted Living in Nebraska – Statewide

Jumping right into it, the State of Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services provides a robust search tool that provides access to their full database providing information on ALL licensed Senior Care facilities statewide, including Assisted Living.

The search tool is simple, and looks like this:

License Search

Nebraska’s Safest Facilities:


You can access this search tool here.

You are presented with 3 options:

  1. Individual Search
  2. Business/Service Search
  3. Facility/Service Search

For this example, we will use the third option – Facility/Service Search.   Once you select that option, a page will come up with several fields that can be filled out.  The page will look something like this:

Facility Search Nebraska

If you want to do a general search, click on the Facility/Service Type box, and you should see a list of facility-type options come up.

Facility Types

For our example here, we’ll choose Assisted-Living Facility.  You will need to enter one other criteria, such as a city, or the page will come back saying “Search Too Vague.”

For our example, I’ll enter a city, and then (after clicking the obligatory “I am not a robot” button), I’ll click “Search Facilities.”

City Search

From there, a list of every licensed facility in your chosen area will be displayed.  Your list will look like this:


Immediately, the list will indicate the Status of each facility.  You will learn if the facility is Active, or Closed.

Selecting a specific facility will then bring up details about that facility, including;

  • Administrator’s Name
  • Owner’s Name
  • Owner Category (i.e. Sole Proprietor)
  • Address
  • Direct Telephone Number
  • License Status
  • Surveys & Inspection Information

View Facility Surveys, Complaints, Inspections, Statements of Deficiencies, and Plans of Correction

One of the most useful sections of the Facility Details data is the Surveys / Inspections Information section, that will look something like this:

Surveys & Inspections

This information is incredibly useful in that it provides a fact-based insight and view into how well a facility is managed.   Of course, inspections aren’t the whole story, but they do provide a factual history of incidents and inspections findings that allow families to ask questions about how those issues were addressed and resolved.    

Selecting an inspection report, you will then be taken to the report details (a .pdf document that you can save or print) that will look something like this:

Inspections Report

Often times these inspections reports are several pages long, and if they do include a complaint or an issue, the report will often be accompanied by a Plan of Correction to be followed by the facility.  

A Consumer Guide to Assisted Living Facilities

The State of Nebraska’s Department of Health & Human Services provides a comprehensive Consumer Guide for Assisted Living in Nebraska.  It’s important to note that Assisted Living can vary widely from state-to-state in terms of services provided, rules and regulations.    Some states don’t even officially recognize the term ‘Assisted Living.’

Consumer Guide

Additional Resources

The Nebraska Assisted Living Association is another way to research Assisted Living in Nebraska in a safe, non-commercial environment.

Nebraska Assisted Living Association

You will notice that they provide their own “Find A Facility” tool.  Although this database is not quite as comprehensive as the State’s database (the NALA only lists member facilities) – it’s still a good alternative way to research facilities.   Additionally, it can be interpreted as a ‘good sign’ that a facility has gone through the steps and ‘trouble’ to become a member of the NALA.

Their list is also not as interactive as the state’s, as it is displayed through a basic map view, and then alphabetically.

NALA Facilities

Selecting a facility will then only take you to that facility’s direct website, if available. 

Nebraska Residents:


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