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In this research guide you will learn how to get a COMPLETE, non-commercial, Statewide list of Assisted Living & Senior Care Facilities Provided by the State of Maryland.

You’ll have free and complete access to

  • All Licensed Assisted Living Facilities in Maryland
  • Facility Costs (Daily Rates)
  • Facility Inspections, Complaints & Survey Reports
  • View Maryland’s Assisted Living Regulations

The best part is that having access to all of this valuable information is possible without having to navigate your way through the maze of (often highly questionable) commercial senior care sites out there.

Find Assisted Living Facilities in Maryland – Statewide

The State of Maryland, and their Health Care Commission, offer perhaps one of THE BEST databases for Senior Living facilities statewide.    This database and search tool gives you immediate access to:

  1. Adult Day Care
  2. Assisted Living Facilities
  3. Home Health Facilities
  4. Nursing Homes
  5. Hospice

The search tool is easy to use, and looks like this:

Services Search

Maryland’s Safest Facilities:

Safe Facilities

Simply select the facility type from the drop-down, and then select your county, and from there, a list of your facilities will be displayed.  The list will look something like this:

ALF List Maryland

The list is very easy to read and digest, and includes simple checks where services are offered.   For each facility, you’ll learn:

  • If the facility offers Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care
  • Personal Care
  • Transport Services

Additionally, you’ll be able to see the daily cost for Private Rooms, Double Rooms and Triple Rooms (if applicable).  Most other websites (State-managed or Commercial) do not provide cost information for Assisted Living Facilities, so this is a big bonus for using the Maryland Health Commission’s Long Term Care site.

Viewing Health & Complaint Inspections Results for Assisted Living in Maryland

This site also allows users to view Health & Complaint, and Inspections reports for Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes in Maryland.

From the output list, like in the example above, simply click on a facility that you are interested in, and it will bring you to a Facility-Specific detail page for that facility that looks like this:

Facility Profile Page

This page has a tremendous amount of information about the facility.  You’ll have access to, and be able to view:

  1. Facility Name
  2. Website Address
  3. Address
  4. County
  5. Phone
  6. Licensed Beds
  7. Direct Contact / Administrator’s Name
  8. Facility Services
  9. Health, Complaint and Inspections Reports
  10. Staff Influenza Vaccination Rates

Viewing Inspections & Complaints reports for the facility simply requires you to click on that box within the Facility Profile.  You will get a list of Inspections, by date.  The type of inspection and Number of Deficiencies is also included.  The list will look like this:

Maryland Facility Inspections

Clicking on an Inspection Date will take you to a detailed report of the Inspection, findings, and Plan of Correction. 

Facility Services displays a detailed list of the types of personal care services, and amenities that you can expect to have access to with each facility.  The services provided page will have a list with checkboxes indicating which service or amenity is available.

Secondary Method for Finding Licensed Long-Term Care Facilities in Maryland

The State of Maryland’s Department of Health provides a Licensee Directory of Health Care Providers that are regulated by OHCQ.   You can access the directory here:

This directory is a little more basic than the one aforementioned, but it still offers useful information.   The Directory looks like this:


You are able to choose from several dozen types of facilities and care options, including Assisted Living Programs, and you can download the FULL LIST in either PDF, Word or Excel formats.  

The List will be broken down by County and will look like this:

Assisted Living List

Maryland Assisted Living Regulations

Although this is not as “slick” as the tools and databases above, you can still nonetheless access and view Maryland’s Assisted Living Rules and Regulations.   You can view Adopted regulations as well as proposed.

Visiting the COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations) site,  you can see links to both the Adopted and Proposed Regulations. 


Visiting the Adopted Regulations page,  you’ll see a table of contents, with the different sections of regulations that can be viewed.    I did a search for the words “Assisted Living” on this page and it went to an “Assisted Living Programs” section here:

You’ll be able to browse sections and categories for Maryland’s Assisted Living Rules and Regulations.  It is not terribly user friendly, but the information is accessible by anyone who wishes to view it.


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