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By David Besnette

In this research guide you will learn how to get a COMPLETE, non-commercial, Statewide list of Assisted Living & Senior Care Facilities Provided by the State of Louisiana.

Important Note about this page:

Normally, for each state, we write a thorough research guide about the state’s Assisted Living & Long-Term Care programs.   However, Louisiana ranks towards the bottom compared to other states in terms of how much reliable information is made available through official state resources.

Most states offer robust, interactive facility databases; access to inspections report; rules & regulations documents and much more.  Louisiana offers very little – but there is some helpful information available to you which we will cover here.

How To Get A Complete List of Assisted Living Facilities in Louisiana

There is a complete database of Assisted Living Facilities statewide available to the general public, offered through the State of Louisiana’s Department of Health.   The list is presented in an alphabetical fashion, and looks like this:

Louisiana Facilities

Louisiana’s Safest Facilities:

Safe Facilities

You’ll notice that the list includes Assisted Living Facilities and Adult Residential Care Homes.   You can access the list here:


Although this list is fairly simple, and you have to scroll through each page to get to your facility, the facility information presented is useful and trustworthy.  There are no ads, and the facility details include a direct phone number to the facility, which is important.  Most commercial senior care sites do not include a phone number.  

Clicking on a facility, you will be greeted to the following data about the facility:

Facility Details

Facility data includes:

  • License Number
  • Facility Level / Designation
  • Facility Capacity
  • Physical Address
  • Contact Information (Administrator’s name, phone, and direct email address)

How To Find Additional Facility Information 

As we mentioned, this directory, although thorough in terms of how many facilities are listed – is not so thorough in terms of information and data provided.  

A quick way to get more data is by clicking on the address within the facility details, which will take you to a Google map of the facility and location.


Click on the address from the results to get more information about the facility

The Google Maps page you’ll see will look something like this:

Map View

If you don’t see the facility information on the left, click on the red “Pin” next to the facility name.

From there, you’ll have a (relatively) ad-free page (after all, it’s Google) with some additional, very helpful information about the facility including:

  • Directions to the facility from your location
  • Google Reviews about the facility (if available)
  • Additional facility photos, including ‘Street View’ photos
  • The ability to ‘drive through the neighborhood’ using Google’s Street View service

Reviews for each facility (if people have submitted them) will look like this:


Lastly, you can click on the Satellite icon on the map to get a bird’s eye view of the facility.  This is great so you can get an idea of how big the facility is, the layout, what’s nearby, how it is landscaped, the parking situation and overall appearance.

Satellite View

Why Using State Resources is Important

If you’ve done any searching around on the internet for Senior Living facilities, you are well aware of how much “junk” there is out there in the search results.  Outdated sites, questionable sites with sketchy motives, and downright fraudulent, copycat sites whose only motive is to collect your personal information.

Sticking to State websites and data allows you to bypass the typical ad-laden commercial site for one that is most likely updated frequently, and operates without a profit motive.

Learn more about Assisted Living in Louisiana from the Louisiana Assisted Living Association.

Louisiana Residents:


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