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In the dozen or so years that I’ve had an online presence within the Senior Care and Assisted Living industries, perhaps the top question (or search) that families do when researching care is in regards to finding an Assisted Living Facility that works with (accepts) Medicaid.

If you are researching Medicaid-Certified Assisted Living Facilities in Arizona, you are in luck, as there is a terrific (and safe) way to get a list of Medicaid Assisted Living Communities (and other types of Senior Living options).  

When I say ‘safe’ – it’s through State of Arizona data and resources – namely, through the State of Arizona’s Department of Health Services site.  Not through one of the many commercial sites out there that ask you for personal information just to use their sites.

How To Get A List of Medicaid Assisted Living Facilities in Arizona

Step 1:  You’ll need to visit the Public Health Licensing section of the ASDHS site mentioned above.    As of this time, their site looks like this:

Public Health Licensing Arizona

Arizona’s Safest Facilities

Safe Facilities

Again, this is a State of Arizona managed and approved site, so the information presented should be taken as accurate and very up-to-date.  The site claims that the information is updated on the first day of every month.   The lists I produced today confirm that. 

From the site, they say:


Step 2: You’ll notice that you’ve hit a gold-mine of facility and provider information.  Not only can you get complete list of all Senior Living providers Statewide, you can get a targeted list of  providers that accept Medicaid.   

Go to the 2nd “Type of Provider” and you’ll be able to get a list in a number of formats including:

  • Access
  • Excel
  • DBASE5
  • Delimited
  • PDF

I like PDF, as it is very readable, and most people are familiar with this format.   Of course, if you want to further filter or sort the data on your own afterward, you’d want to choose Excel, for example, to get the data in a malleable, spreadsheet format.

Step 3:  Download the list of Medicaid Providers.    You’ll notice that this list is huge, and includes providers other than Assisted Living Facilities.  What you can do is do a search within the document (usually by hitting CTRL + F on your computer) and then just enter the words “Assisted Living” and you can easily jump through the results that include those words.  

Here is a snapshot of part of the very large document, and the type of facility data it includes:

Medicaid List Arizona

Step 4:  Filter by City in Arizona.   This step is optional but it will save you time if you are looking in a particular city and want to quickly drill down to what’s available there.   

I did the same thing as above (CTRL + F) and entered a city in Arizona (my hometown, actually – I grew up there) and it came up with a good number of Medicaid Assisted Living Providers.

Medicaid Assisted Living by City in Arizona


What about ALTCS Assisted Living Communities?

I did a video and post years ago for another extremely common question I have received through my senior living sites – some variation of:

“How Do I Find ALTCS Assisted Living Facilities in Arizona?”

Another good question with a very easy solution.    I explain how to find ALTCS assisted living communities in this video tutorial:

Note/Update: The link in the video has changed, so please visit this page to search for ALTCS assisted living communities Statewide in Arizona.

Do you want to learn more about Assisted Living in Arizona?

We have put together a comprehensive Research Guide for Arizona Assisted Living that covers numerous additional topics including:

  • Additional ways to find facilities
  • Facility Complaints / Violations
  • Rules and Regulations

Our guide is comprehensive and highly informative.

Arizona Residents:


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