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In this research guide you will learn how to get a COMPLETE, non-commercial, Statewide list of Assisted Living & Senior Living Facilities Provided by the State of Iowa.

In this research guide you will learn:

  1. How to get detailed information for EVERY Assisted Living Facility in the State of Iowa (including DIRECT contact numbers).  
  2. Learn the size/capacity of each facility
  3. Get direct contact information, and Administrator names
  4. View Facility Report Cards (Surveys, Complaints & Inspections)
  5. How To File A Complaint
  6. How to view Rules and Regulations for Iowa’s Assisted Living Program

Find Assisted Living Facilities in Iowa: Statewide

There is a very easy way to search, and find Assisted Living Facilities anywhere in Iowa – and you can do this by bypassing the typical, commercial Senior Living site that omits important information such as phone numbers and Administrator names.

You’ll need to visit the State of Iowa’s Health Facilities Division site, which at this time looks like this:

Health Facilities Division

Iowa’s Safest Facilities:

Safe Facilities

On the left, you’ll have several choices, including Entity Search.   Selecting Entity Search will take you to a search tool that will allow you to search for Assisted Living Programs (Facilities) Statewide. 

The search tool looks like this:

Facility Search Tool

You’ll notice that you can choose among a number of different entity (facility) types including:

  • Assisted Living Programs
  • Assisted Living Programs for People with Dementia
  • Elder Group Homes
  • Hospice
  • Intermediate Care Facilities
  • Residential Care Facilities

& many more.

 For our example, we’ll choose Assisted Living Programs.  I’ll leave the city field blank, so a full list of facilities will come up.   At this time, 239 records came up.

The list will look like this:

Facilities List for Iowa

Selecting the “View” option next to a facility will load facility details, which include:

  • Entity Name
  • Anniversary Date
  • Maximum Occupancy / Capacity
  • Address
  • Administrator’s Name
  • Email and Direct Phone Number
  • Facility Status (Active, Inactive etc.)
  • Months since last survey

How To View Assisted Living Facility Report Cards in Iowa

The State of Iowa makes it very easy for anyone to view a facility’s Report Card(s).  These reports include a facility’s history of Complaints, Surveys, and Inspections.    

Report Cards offer great insight into how a facility is managed and operated.   You can get a sense of the types of issues they have faced in the past, giving you great information to ask questions on how they resolved any issues or complaints.

To View a Facility Report Card, simply select the Report Cards link in the left sidebar of the Health Facilities Division site, which will take you to a Report Card search tool similar to the Entity Search Tool.

Report Cards

The Report Cards Tool allows you to view Inspections & Complaints Reports

Here again you can search using a number of filters, including Entity Type; Entity Name; County; City and even Alias.

Report Cards List

After your list is populated, you can use the “Select” Button to see detailed inspections reports.

Detailed Reporting

Selecting “View Report” will take you to a PDF that details the nature of the complaint, inspection or issue.

Complaint Report

A facility complaint report that is freely accessible to anyone

How To File a Complaint Against An Assisted Living Facility in Iowa

There is a quick and easy way for anyone to file a complaint against a healthcare facility in Iowa.   This includes Assisted Living Facilities.

Again, in the left-hand sidebar of the Health Facilities Division page, you’ll see a link for “Complaints” that will take you to a Complaints Overview page that offers a handful of different ways that you can file a complaint:

 Contacting our toll free complaint intake line (877) 686-0027 
   *    Fax the complaint to (515) 281-7106 
   *    Submit your complaint by regular mail to:

        Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals
        Health Facilities Division/Complaint Unit
        Lucas State Office Building
        321 East 12th Street
        Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0083

You can also submit a complaint using their online form.  A great feature here is that you may file your complaint anonymously if you wish.  This feature is especially useful for residents who are fearful of making a complaint (fear of retaliation, or perhaps additional abuse or neglect).  

The online form looks like this:

Online Complaint Form example

Iowa’s Assisted Living Rules and Regulations

Lastly, the general public (or anyone else) can obtain a copy of Iowa’s Rules and Regulations for Assisted Living.

Administrative Rules

This document is long, and includes definitions, rules, and regulations.  You may also view, and access documents relevant to Applying to become an Assisted Living Facility, Structural Rules and Explanatory Information, Waiver Information and much more on the Health Facilities Division “Document Categories” page here:

Iowa Residents:


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