How To Look Up Assisted Living Inspections Reports for Vermont

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By David Besnette

One of the very best ways to gain insight into how well (or not) an Assisted Living Facility is managed is by looking through it’s history of inspections reports, complaints, and investigations.  For Vermont, this is easy (and free) to do, if you know where to look.

Unfortunately, this type of information is not prominent in search results, and is not often included on most Senior Living sites.

How To Look Up Assisted Living Inspections Reports for Vermont

You’ll want to visit the State’s Division of Licensing and Protection website.  This site contains a wealth of information relevant to the State’s assisted living programs, nursing homes, residential care and more.   This site even has a complete Assisted Living Directory for Vermont.

To look up Inspections and Surveys, you’ll want to visit the Consumer Resources section of the site.  You’ll be greeted by a number of Guides and Resources, including:

This section will look like this:

Vermont Surveys

For Assisted Living Investigations and Inspections reports choose ‘Survey Results.’  You’ll then be directed to a page listing all of the Surveys, Investigations and Complaints in a general, chronological order.

The page will look like this:


Vermont’s Safest Facilities:

Safe Facilities

Selecting a report, you will then be able to access a .PDF document detailing the Investigation’s findings, and any plans of correction.

You can easily print, or save the document. 

A sample of what a document may look like:

Result 1

Result 2

Result 3

Why Inspections & Investigations Reports are Important

Researching assisted living in Vermont, or anywhere else can be a challenging experience.   It’s hard to know which sites to trust, and what information is accurate out there.

Inspections reports offer a clear, accurate way to assess any misfires or negligence in the facility’s history.    

Of course, most facilities or homes will acquire negative findings if they’re in business long enough.   The important thing is leaning how the facility handled any incidents, and if those incidents have a repetitive pattern.  

Inspections reports offer a great way for you to come up with good, constructive questions to ask facility owners and administrators as you research, and tour different facilities.


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Vermont Residents:


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