How To Find Medicaid Assisted Living Facilities in Washington State

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By David Besnette

How To Find Medicaid Assisted Living Facilities in Washington State

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Finding Medicaid Assisted Living Facilities can be challenging. Many facilities don’t showcase the fact that they Accept Medicaid, since, often times, a private pay resident can be more profitable.

Washington Medicaid Assisted Living

You will be able to access a complete list of Medicaid Assisted Living Facilities Statewide in Washington

However, if you are researching assisted living in the State of Washington, you are in luck. The State’s Department of Health and Social Services provides an easy way to Find Assisted Living Facilities that accept Medicaid – statewide.

You’ll need to visit the Department’s Assisted Living Locator tool, which has a database of all licensed assisted living facilities Statewide.

This is also simply a great way to search for facilities – Medicaid or not.

Simply select the Search By “location’ option, and then check the “Only Facilities that Accept Medicaid” option, and then hit Search.

From there, a list of Assisted Living Facilities will be displayed, clearly indicating in the right-hand column that they do indeed accept Medicaid.

The Advanced Search will actually display cities, counties, and let you enter a number of zip codes or license numbers.

Lastly, you may also search for

  • Adult Family Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • and In-Home Care

and using the same method as described above, you may identify which facilities accept Medicaid.

This tool is State-Sponsored and should be considered highly accurate and trustworthy.

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4 thoughts on “How To Find Medicaid Assisted Living Facilities in Washington State

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  2. Nina Rhys

    The issue with this website is that these facilities require a spend-down over a two year period, where the client is cash paying, This is discriminatory and clear classism. How are we supposed to place our most vulnerable citizens where there is no place to put them?

  3. Carol N Little

    I just listened to your video about finding facilities that accept Medicaid in WA state but I don’t know how to get the list. Could you please post how to do that?
    Carol Little

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