How File A Complaint Against An Assisted Living Facility in Arizona

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The State of Arizona provides some truly outstanding resources for those researching assisted living here.   AZ Care Check offers facility information, inspections reports and more for Long-Term Care Facilities including Assisted Living.   It also provides a means for residents, family member or staff of Assisted Living Facilities to file a complaint.

At this time the AZ Care Check site looks like this:

AZ Care Check

Safe Facilities

You will notice that in the sidebar, there is a section for “Online Complaint Forms.”   Here is where you can go to file a complaint against a Long-Term Care facility anywhere in Arizona.

You can choose a category of care including:

  • Residential Care Facilities
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Group Homes

and much more.

For our example here, I’ll choose Long-Term Care facilities.

You’ll be taken to an Online Complaints Forms page that looks like this:

Complaints Forms

You will most likely go to either the Long Term Care section, or the Residential section, which contains the complaint forms for:

  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Assisted Living Homes
  • Adult Foster Care Homes

and more.

Again, for this example, I’ll visit the ‘Residential’ section and then choose Assisted Living Homes.  This will take you to a page for Residential Licensing – Online Complaint Submittal Form.

Online Complaint Submittal Form

Selecting “Start” after reading the intro, you will be taken to a page that starts the online form and reporting process.  There are 3 steps. The first step looks like this:

Form Step 1

Step 2 looks like this:


Step 2

Step 3 looks like this:

Step 3

Can I Submit My Complaint Anonymously?

You’ll notice that there is a checkbox that indicates that you are wanting to submit your complaint anonymously.   The answer is, technically “yes” but you still need to enter a name in case more information is needed.  it is explained on the site like this:

Anonymous Complaint

There is a spot to indicate whether release of your name will result in substantial harm.  Selecting “Yes” here will ask you to describe more about the harm that is believed may occur.

Complaint FAQ’s from the Division of Licensing Services

Arizona Residents:


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  2. nica waswick

    Hi I was sexually assaulted by a fellow married coworker I reached out to the director of the nursing home and was told there were no cameras it was a he said she said situation and let him come back to work and wanted to move me to another unit I asked why I was the one being punished and they stated he had been there for three years and had the right to stay. I feel like there is something I can do I was violated of my body and was treated by upper staff as if nothing happened. thank you and I hope you can be of help.

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