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By David Besnette

My main motivation for creating our State Research Guides for assisted living and other senior care models is to give users ways to research care that avoid using the literally hundreds of less-than-scrupulous commercial sites out there.  These commercial sites are usually geared to get something from you (instead of the other way around), and have little or no expertise to back up their information.

Although the State of Connecticut offers some good ways to research Senior Living, they do have some work to do to catch up to other states that offer slick and user-friendly databases and facility portals, inspections reports, and so much more.  

Nonetheless, I’ll outline some of the good tools that you have access to find care throughout Connecticut.

Find Facilities Statewide in Connecticut

There is a way to get a list of virtually everything available in Connecticut through the State’s eLicensing website.

At the time of this writing, the site looks like this:

Connecticut’s Safest Facilities

Safe Facilities

From there, you can go to the Online Services section at the top, and then to ‘Lookup a License.’

From there, you can simply choose ‘Assisted Living Service Agency’ and then, for a complete Statewide List of assisted living facilities, choose Connecticut in the State field.   You can leave everything else blank.

You’ll then have access to a multi-page list of facilities, sorted alphabetically. 

List for Connecticut of facilities

You will be able to view the facility’s:

  • Name
  • Credential
  • Credential Description
  • License Status and Reason
  • City
  • DBA

The highly unfortunate news here is that the list does not provide a phone number, which is really confounding.   But, you can simply take the facility name that you are interested in, and head over to Google Maps.

Once you enter the facility name, you’ll have access to additional (and very helpful and accurate) information about the facility, as well as an interactive map, Google reviews, the facility website, and often times several photos of the facility.

I like Google Maps, as it is generally very accurate, and not loaded with ads or intentionally misleading data, like many sites out there ‘provide.’

Facility CT Map

Download A Facility List in Excel, CSV or Text Format

Another useful tool offered by the eLicense site is a Facility List Download section, where you can get a complete list of facilities in a number of formats including:

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • Text

You simply need to go back to the main page of the e-license site, and at the top where you saw the ‘Online Services’ section, instead choose ‘Generate a Roster.’

You’ll then be guided to a page with numerous selections. For assisted living, head down the page to “Long-Term Care/Assisted Living/Home Health Care/Hospice” and then choose Assisted Living Service Agency.

Assisted Living Service Agency

You will then be able to choose the format of your list.


The list will then be generated:

Facility Text List

How To View Connecticut’s Assisted Living Services Regulations

You can obtain a copy of Connecticut’s Assisted Living Regulations on the State of Connecticut’s official website, under their Health Codes Section here.

This is a 19 page .pdf document that includes the state’s rules and regulations regarding Assisted Living Services Agencies (or Assisted Living Facilities) in Connecticut.


Importantly, at the beginning, the document provides many definitions for Senior Care or Senior Living terms for Connecticut, including a definition for Assisted Living Services Agency.


Our Wish List for Connecticut

Although there is some good information, provided by the State of Connecticut, that is free to the public regarding assisted living and other long-term care models, I feel that the State of Connecticut has a long way to go to ‘compete’ with other State databases, tools, facility lists, and so forth.

Some of the items that I’d like to see provided by the State are:

  • Searchable, Statewide facility database that includes contact numbers for the facility
  • Database of facility inspections, violations, complaints and action items
  • An interactive facility search map

Many other states provide these tools, and to me, it’s important to be able to give seniors and families a safe, highly trusted, non-commercial way to research Senior Living and Care.  

There are too many ‘bad players’ out there who come up very prominently in online searches, and State databases and resources are a good way to steer families away from the many sketchy senior care websites out there.

File a complaint against an Assisted Living Facility in Connecticut

Connecticut Residents:


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