Assisted Living Facilities in Jacksonville, FL that Accept Medicaid

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By David Besnette

Most commercial or private Senior Living sites don’t like to indicate whether an assisted living facility will accept or work with Medicaid.   The simple reason is that Medicaid residents aren’t quite as profitable as private pay residents.

So, finding facilities that accept Medicaid or Medicaid-related programs can be a challenge.     

How To Find Assisted Living Facilities in Jacksonville, Florida that Accept Medicaid

There is a very easy, and very trustworthy way that you can learn about ALL assisted living facilities in Jacksonville, Florida, including identifying those that work with Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver programs, Long-Term Care insurance, VA assistance, and more.

You’ll need to stop over at the Florida Health Finder website.   

Provider Locator

Jacksonville’s Safest Facilities

Safe Facilities

You can also visit our Florida Assisted Living Research Guide.

Step 1:

From the Facility Provider Locator area, go to ‘Search by Facility Type/Location’.   As an aside, the Florida Health Finder Website has a great Facility Locator App that you can use from your smartphone.   It’s a great way to research facilities ‘on the go’ if you are out and about touring facility options. You can download each here:



Once you are on the Facility Type/Location section, you’ll see an area where you can filter (or be specific) about the type of care you are looking for, and the area/city in Florida:

Florida Locator

Step 2:

Select the type of facility you are looking for.  For this example we’ll select Assisted Living Facilities.  In the city section, you can simply enter Jacksonville, and then, go to the bottom and select ‘Search.’

This will give you a complete list of assisted living facilities in Jacksonville.  Here is a screen grab of the first page:

Jacksonville Facilities

Step 3: Filter For Medicaid Facilities:

Here is the pro-tip for your research.   If you back up to the original search page, with Assisted Living Facility selected, and Jacksonville as your city, then go down and select the arrow for ‘Advanced Options’ – a step that many users overlook – you’ll then be able to further filter your results to exactly what you want.

Advanced Search

You’ll notice that you can filter by ‘Payment Forms Accepted’ and ‘Medicaid Services.’

Medicaid Services

You can select, or filter your facility choices by:

  • Assisted Living Waiver
  • Assistive Care Services
  • Developmental Disability

Under ‘Payment Forms Accepted’ you can, in a similar fashion, filter your results by:

Payment Forms Accepted

My Results – Facilities in Jacksonville that Accept Medicaid:

When I filtered my search for Medicaid Facilities in Jacksonville, I came up with about 37 results (at this time).  

Medicaid List

You’ll notice, at the top, it gives you the two options of either Exporting the list to Excel, or Printing the list.

Get The Full PDF List of Medicaid Assisted Living Facilities in Jacksonville here:

I’ve saved you time by creating the list and making it into a .pdf document.  You can download it or print it directly using the link above.

The .pdf document looks like this:

PDF List

The facility list includes some very helpful ‘at a glance’ information about each facility including:

  • Facility Type
  • Street Address
  • City
  • Zip
  • Phone Number
  • Capacity (number of beds)

Remember, this list is provided through official State of Florida data and resources, and in turn should be regarded as very accurate and trusted.

Jacksonville Residents:




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