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In this research guide you will learn how to get a COMPLETE, non-commercial, Statewide list of Assisted Living & Senior Care Facilities Provided by the State of Arizona.

You could not possibly have a better state to research assisted living, memory care or other senior living options than Arizona.

The quality and amount of information available to the public is really astounding.   This information is non-commercial, accurate, trustworthy, comprehensive, updated frequently, and available for free, to anyone, if you know where to look.   

That’s where we come in!

In this Arizona Assisted Living and Facilities Research Guide, you’ll learn:

  • Find Facilities: Where to find information on ALL of the senior care options available in Arizona, including Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s and Memory Care, Independent Living, and more!
  • Service Types: Learn about the different types of assisted living and what they offer.  Yes, Arizona has a number of different categories of assisted living care, each offering different types and models of service
  • Inspections and Complaints:  Learn how to find inspections, complaints and violations reports for every facility in Arizona.
  • How to File A Complaint Against A Facility
  • Rules and Regulations:  How to view Arizona’s Statutes and Regulations for Assisted Living Facilities
  • Top 10 Deficiencies Cited for Assisted Living Facilities in Arizona

How To View Inspections & Citations Reports for Assisted Living Facilities in Arizona [Video]

Arizona’s Safest Facilities

Safe Facilities

Find Assisted Living Facilities in Arizona – Statewide

This is at the forefront of most families’ minds when it comes to researching assisted living.   In my 12+ years of having an online presence in this industry, I know that most sites out there are not trustworthy, or honest, and sometimes downright dishonest.   It’s a little scary what comes up towards the top when you search for senior living options online.

So, how do you find facilities safely, using trusted data sources?

The State of Arizona offers an OUTSTANDING way to do this.   You’ll need to simply visit the AZCARECHECK database provided by the State of Arizona’s Department of Health Services website.

Go to their ‘Residential Facilities’ section, where you will land on a search tool that offers Facilities Data for:

  • Adult Day Health Care
  • Adult Foster Care
  • Assisted Living Homes and Centers
  • Behavioral Health
  • Supportive Homes
  • Residential / Respite Care

These all include Inspections Reports.

The search form looks like this:

Search Form Arizona

Obviously, to me, the easiest way to search is by entering the city or zip code for your desired location, and then, enter the provider type, such as assisted living center, or assisted living home, and from there, a list of every single licensed facility in that area or zip code will be populated in to an easy-to-read and navigate list.

Arizona Residents:


The list will look like this:

facility list pg.1 arizona

When you select a facility, a great deal of highly usable, ad-free information for the facility will come up.

Facility Details

Importantly, you can:

  • Get in touch with the facility directly. There are no sneaky ‘referral numbers’ as so many commercial sites do nowadays.   
  • See the provider, or facility type
  • See a license number
  • View Surveys, Survey Dates and a PDF of the specific detail of each survey visit (this is where so much great information can be extracted about each facility)

Facility Types 

The State of Arizona also has several designations of assisted living care, each offering it’s own service model, and is defined uniquely by the state of Arizona

You’ll find these provider and service types here.

Service Types

Find and View Facility Surveys, Investigations and Complaints for Arizona

I have essentially already covered this.   By searching for facilities using the AZCARECHECK tool, you will automatically be able to view facility surveys when you select an individual facility.   The .pdf report for each incident or survey will look something like this:

Inspection Report

The report may be numerous pages long.

How To File a Complaint Against A Senior Living Facility in Arizona

This short video tutorial will show you how to file a complaint:

How To View Assisted Living Regulations for Arizona

Arizona offers a set of Assisted Living Regulations and Statutes that are completely unique to this state.   This is a common misconception with assisted living – that it is regulated on a Federal Level.  This isn’t the case, as each state sets it’s own rules and regulations for assisted living, and the definitions can vary greatly too from state-to-state.

Simply, if you go to this page

You will be able to view a complete .pdf of the most current (at the time of this writing) set of Assisted Living Regulations, Rules and Administrative Code for Arizona.

The table of contents is as follows:

Contents of Regulations

I always like to point out the ‘definition’ for senior living service models, such as assisted living, as they can certainly vary between states.  What you get from assisted living care in Arizona may vary greatly across state lines.

I say this, since, often times, families are doing exactly that – reasearching across state lines, and they may have a pre-conceived notion of what assisted living provides based on how it is defined in the state they are researching from.

For Arizona, ‘Assisted Living Care’ is defined as follows:

Assisted Living Services

Remember, it’s important to also look at the provider types designations as listed above to get specifics on sub-designations such as 

  • Assisted Living Center-Directed
  • Assisted Living Center- Personal
  • Assisted Living Home
  • Assisted Living Center – Supervisory
  • Assisted Living Home-Directed
  • Assisted Living Home-Personal
  • Assisted Living Home-Supervisory

Bonus – How To Get Full Provider and Facility Databases

This is perhaps the coolest thing the State of Arizona does – providing a full database of all facilities in a number of formats including:

  • Excel
  • Access
  • PDF
  • DBASE5
  • Delimited

You can filter by choices from 

  • All Licensed Providers
  • Medicaid-Certified Providers
  • Long-Term Care Providers
  • Residential Service Providers

and more!

Look at how easy and organized it is:


Seriously, someone put some effort into this!

To take advantage of this service to get a list of providers spanning the State of Arizona, simply visit the Provider and Facility Databases section here:

Top 10 Deficiencies for Assisted Living Facilities in Arizona

The State of Arizona publishes a list of the top 10 deficiencies by Assisted Living Facilities.   I have always believed that deficiencies are really important to know about, as they offer families very specific things, or topics to ask each facility about.  If there has been a deficiency, a family or potential resident can ask why it happened, and what the facility is doing, or has done to correct the issue(s).  

Fair game, and the facility should be more than happy to answer those questions for you.

Here are the top 10 (at the time of this writing)

Top 10 a

Top 10 b

Assisted Living Placement Help

Lastly, you can get free, personal, and experienced help finding assisted living in Arizona statewide.   This can save you time, and these advisors can let you know how much of a waiting list there might be, which facilities have immediate openings, and which facility meets your budget and lifestyle requirements.

Arizona Advisor Placement

Additional Information

Learn how to find Medicaid Assisted Living Facilities in Arizona

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